We tend to judge things by the way it looks. this is our prejudice and stereotype towards different types of shapes and colours that we face. The exhibition "RELEASE" has its foundation in expressing magnificence of each of the different genders, ages, races, emotional expressions, and colours. The viewers usually tend to choose their favourite works by its attraction of the model, mood, colour scheme and more reasons of appealability. This is the kind of things that I want from the viewers. 

During a exhibition, the viewers are exploring aspects of an error of perspective that can occur in the mundane life: Colourful pieces of different ages, races, expressions, and different colour tones. At the end, showing a slightly different approach from the beginning, with a monotonous black and white piece, giving the viewer the visual confusion, and a question mark of the "colour". Thus, this exhibition would invite contemplation of one's personal thoughts on prejudice against their point of view.

The photo shoot was taken underwater. The water is a symbolic of representation of the mother's amniotic fluid, symbolizes the meanings of beginning and purity. As it appears in the title, "RELEASE". the idea of the exhibition is to head back to those innocent and purity days, and to be released from the chained minds.  It is quite a heavy and serious subject, but I , as an artist, would like the viewers to experience the splendour of colours and expressions throughtout the exhibition, and question ourselves for a moment: who we are, what we value, and what colour we see ourselves in.

so.. What colour are you?